karácsony debrecenben

by Dianna

The next two weeks are busy busy busy for me – I have over 100 exams to give and grade as well as nearly 70 argumentative essays to read through and mark. I fly to North Carolina for Christmas in two weeks’ time and I need to have all my grades turned in before I leave. For those of you who found this blog because you’re curious about CETP – this is definitely not indicative of the typical CETP teacher’s workload. My job is different. I want to emphasize that. But my reward for all this extra work is a month off from teaching – our spring semester does not begin until February! Hallelujah.

I did have time over the weekend to snap some more photos of the lights in the center of Debrecen, though. I was down there for a meeting yesterday around four o’clock in the afternoon. This is about the time of day that it gets dark, so it’s also the time of day that all the Christmas lights get turned on. As I made my way to the square in front of the Nagytemplom, the big yellow church, I stumbled upon a little concert happening in front of the big Christmas tree. The chorus was singing “Angels We Have Heard on High” in Hungarian, which sounded just like the English version except that I couldn’t understand any of the words. Minor detail.

It was truly beautiful, though – both the atmosphere and the singing. As the chorus sang, the sky slowly darkened, and the lights all came on once. There was an audible “Ooh” from the people around me. It made me glad that for once in my life, I (who am perpetually five minutes late, to everything) was actually early to a meeting and I had a chance to catch this moment. Here are a few more photos of the  lights…

Boldog karácsonyt Debrecen! For the uninitiated, that’s “Merry Christmas, Debrecen!”

December is dark and gloomy in Hungary, and it’s amazing what a difference some cheery bright lights can make to lift your mood. Walking through the city center in these weeks before Christmas, it’s hard not to crack a smile. I decided to bring this mood-lifting Christmas spirit into my own flat with this tiny Christmas tree I picked up at Interspar. It makes me smile too, so I think it’s working.

Now, it’s back to work! More Decemberly updates coming soon. Less about lights and more about food, I expect.